The Global Issue

With consequences of global warming growing into more evident by the time and the entire set of people in power denying climate change for the sake of income, it may be like the world is doomed. It’s easy to make up when you look helpless, when you have the feeling of it’s not worth hearing because you’re just one individual.

But people need to understand that if everyone thought like this, no one would be able to solve any problem. The simple fact is that in order to solve any problem, people need to work together and raise awareness about these problems. If enough people are interested in solving an issue, this will cause big companies and powerful people to also try to solve these problems. These companies and people will provide the funding to address the issue effectively. In order to solve global warming, everyone needs to try their hardest to make even little differences. These differences will blossom and in time, will have a domino effect.

Studies have also shown that if we do not do anything to fix this issue, by the year 2030, the average temperature of earth will increase by 1,5 degrees Celsius. At first, this might not sound that much but if you look at the numbers, you can understand that this is in fact a big deal. For example, if temperature rises by 1,5 degrees Celsius, then 14% of the population will suffer from severe heat strokes. This will equal to about 1,12 billion humans. If you consider that 10-80% of heat strokes result in death, this will mean that up to 896 million people will be facing a life threat.

“So how are we as humans supposed to fix this problem?” you might be asking. To answer this, we can first check what causes global warming in the first place. for example, power station causes 21% of greenhouse gas emissions. Industrial processes, however, cause about 16.8% of gas emissions. Lastly, we have agricultural by-products which cause 12.5% of greenhouse gas emissions. Agricultural by-products also cause about 40% of methane emissions and 62% of nitrous oxide emissions. As you can see these causes are not simple to get rid of. In fact, they are all necessities of modern life.

There are ways though, to decrease the temperature on Earth. For instance, a big company can build a very big gun and shoot sulphur into the upper atmosphere, which would reflect some of the sunlight and help cooling the planet.

To summarise, the Earth is going to a bad place right now and if we don’t do anything about it, it will result into catastrophe. But, informed by good research, everyone can make little differences and someone can make very big difference so that the cumulative effect will help a better tomorrow. Otherwise, we should start developing powered cool suits which would keep us chill. If it worked for Dune, it can work for Earth.

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