The Globe

My name is Gilbert, I am just 23 and right now I’m in a time machine for an important mission. The thing is, I do not feel ready and only have 5 minutes left to the ignition. Before that, as you guessed I’m a volunteer for exploring the future. Four minutes later I will be in 2143. I do not have any relatives who care for me. When I heard that ‘’volunteer mission’’ I jumped into it because I do not have anything better to do. What could be the worst? Ten, nine, eight, seven, …, zero! Here we go!

When I opened my eyes I was in a different place. After the door of the machine was opened, I took a step out of the door. I would not have thrown. Is this because of my carelessness or the road I just came I do not know but right now I am lying on the floor. The scary thing is the floor is hotter than it should be. When my back started to burn I stand up on the floor and tried to hit the ground but I could not. I immediately went back to the time machine and put up my special clothes which they put in the machine for these kinds of problems.

A few minutes later I started walking down the hill. After ten minutes I realized that there was nothing different but fire. Everywhere was red, dark brown, or black. Also, there was not an animal in the forest and I was sure about I am in a forest right now. There was not a single leaf on the branches of the trees, not even a bird’s nest on them.

If the world would be like this I will kill myself after getting back to normal life. Because there were just fifteen years to these situations. And that was the main point of the mission. To see what will happen soon because all human beings know that something bad will happen in a very short time. In my time, 2128, there are not many people who can survive because of the war.

In 2143 the war seems to be over because I have been walking for two hours but I did not see anyone or anything. There is not any life sign in 2143. When I was thinking about seeing nothing I saw something very far away. Something bright. Is this sun? I don’t think so. I started running towards it with excitement. After a while, I saw that big, shiny thing. Humanity’s new home, the globe…

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