The Great 2021

Think of a year that started with the death of your childhood hero , australian bushfires that nearly ended some wild animal species , a president that nearly caused world war 3 continued with earthquakes ,a global pandemic that has killed thousands of people and broke many lives apart. A year that you will probably never going to miss.While everyone is looking forward to finish this year and start a year with high hopes i also have some wishes and expectation from the upcoming year-the great 2021 that millions have been waiting for-


My first wish which is probably going to sound very cliche but it  is health for me and my people.I think with experiencing a global pandemic we all have understood how important our and our communities health is .Because if human health is in danger trade loses its importance, politics don’t be the first thing we check on news everyday anymore. Health is important because it is the only thing we actually cant live without.


Second wish might sound odd but it is going back to school. I know most people think online education is better or even easier  but for me it feels alone. It only has the part of school with classes and responsibilities without our friends and social life. And probably another reason why is i want to go back to normal as soon as possible and going back to school is a step of it.


Third wish is also a thing that covid taught me the importance of , I wish to spend more time with the ones that I love and make memories with them as much as we can . Staying at least  6 feet away from my loved ones made me realise how important they are and the role they have in my life.I wish to go out with my friends on saturday just to have a lunch together.


My forth and last wish is success.My wishes are not in order but i guess i dont want success as much as i wanted for the past few years from 2021.I feel like  success is something everyone wants to have in their lives and it has various definitions for each person. This year i changed the  way i look at success right now for me success is getting your the result  of your work and being the better version of yourself .So i wish to be the better  me with getting the things i deserve .


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