The Great Turk

After the collapse of the Ottoman Empire, most parts of the country were under occupation. The country was struggling with poverty on the one hand and captivity on the other. It was unacceptable that a nation that had almost dominated the World was now enslaved. Everyone was looking for a solution, but they could not do anything alone. That’s exactly where I saw Atatürk in that desperation. There was freedom in his blue eyes and victory in his blond hair. Istanbul and all western cities were under intense occupation and control. Atatürk saw fit to start the independence movement in Samsun and landed in Samsun on 19 May 1919 with the Bandırma Ferry.

That day, the sun shone even more. The people were hopeful, Atatürk was determined. The whole nation mobilized, regardless of the elderly, women or children becouse this is not a war, this is a reborn. People were waking up and breaking the shackles on their feet. All we wanted was to take back what belonged to us: COUNTRY.

In the following days, Atatürk decided that the administrative center would be easier and more accurate than Ankara, which is in the middle of the country. Ankara was located close to the Western Front. The railway network encircled the east and Anatolia. He was in a position to provide communication with Istanbul. He was in the middle of the country and the people supported Mustafa Kemal and loved him very much. Now the command center was Ankara. Also I saw Atatürk, he was there. He greets the people in deep blues.

The War of Independence was won with the leadership of Atatürk and the determination of the Turkish Nation. TBMM was opened in Ankara. The Republic of Turkey was born. Everyone is happier and more hopeful for the future now. This nation is deeply devoted to you Atatürk, Great Turk.

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