The Greatest Treasure Of A Country

The great founder and protector of Republic of Turkey, Mustafa Kemal Atatürk has once said, ”Protecting the homeland begins with protecting children.” The mighty words of our beloved ancestor actually provides us with a new perspective from which we can see how important children can be for the future of a country and in particular for a nation. Keeping in mind that Atatürk, himself, was once a child that has been raised in this very country and in fact, under the worst consequences of ineffective and unsuccessful management of both the internal affairs and the foreign affairs; we can see how a history has been made with the help of such an extraordinarily wise, open-minded and well-educated kid.

With this being said, government and the community that makes up an whole one country standing tall for the same rights and aims should be aware that future that is being planned is actually on the hands of younger generations. Hence, what government should do is to take care of its future. They should certainly come up with solutions that will encourage kids to take part actively in society and they should let the kids know that government is not oppent and it is there to solve their problems concerning the development of the country. Children should be taught to realise the fact that government and society can only grow together and cooperating with government is what a real citizen would do in order to go further.

Schools are the main influence factors on children, since they spend most of their time there and get to learn new things there. As it is the only place a child can learn or experience something except information and education he/she gets from his/her parents, government is most likely to see schools as a tool or a method to reach out to kids. Once that has been realised, government should find new regulations and techniques to educate children in a way that they are independent, yet dedicated and committed to their country.

With a real work and thinking put into this education process and with a carefully-followed Ministry of Education, children will be the greatest and the strongest factors affecting a country in its way to become world-leader country. Sharp and bright minds that commit themselves into hard work will only make a future brighter.

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