The Guy

Hello, I am Arda and I will tell you one of my memories that surprised me the most. I am working in a private company and I worked in 1 company before my current company. I did my internship at that company and it was good, but my boss didn’t find me good enough and fired me. In my current company, there is a tradition of giving a speech when I take authority, and I was going to be appointed from floor president to CEO, and this is a great success. I prepared my speech, ı took the podium to give my speech, accompanied by applause. I was just about to start talking when ı saw him in the crowd. He was my boss, but I’m my boss at my old company. You might say what happened, but I didn’t tell the full story of how I got fired. I was in love with my ex-boss’s daughter, but my boss didn’t know I was dating his daughter. We went to Starbucks and met my girlfriend and there my boss. He said he would fire me and would never forgive me. That’s why I was so embarrassed when I saw him and had to leave the stage before I could finish my speech. It was a very embarrassing day, but luckily months passed and everyone forgot about it. Buddha was such a story.

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