The Historic Battle of Two Ideologies

Capitalism and socialism, the battle between these two ideologies has begun when the Bolshevik Revolution in Russia. On 1905 Bolsheviks were a group of Russian people who have come together and launched a battle against capitalism by choosing socialism as their ideology.

However, nobody would listen to a small group of people, unless they had a country. So, they have decided to make a revolution in Russia but people were so loyal to their tsar (king), so they have waited for an opportunity to came up. That opportunity came up in World War 1. in those times people were becoming much poorer every day because of an economic crisis caused by Ottoman Empire and German Reich (Empire). These two countries have blocked the trade ways in those times so the Russan Empire would become poorer and give up in the end.

Bolsheviks have used this opportunity to make more people join them. So, with their number increased, they were able to overthrow the tsar Nickolay II. After overthrowing the Tsar (king) they have changed the administrator system to Republic, so the enemy of capitalism was born.

The leaders of United Soviet Socialist Republics thought that helping as many countries as they can would make the countries think that the socialism and communism could help them improve, so that they could help others as well. However, the USSR could not spread the idea of socialism and communism. Because unlike the US, they could not improve their economy and production lines. However, that doesn’t mean they were not improving in those times. This low level of progress in their technology and economy continued until 1941.

In 1941, Germany captured all of the France and decided to attack to the USSR. When Germans started their attack, they have easily broken through the soviet lines and moved across the western side of the USSR. When the Germans reached to the Moscow outskirts Stalin Decided to hold Germans until the winter but he knew the Germans would not give up if they would not do something different.

To save their capital city, all of the USSR have started the preparations for a countrywide industrial revolution. When they have done every preparation, they attacked the Germans with more technological and qualified weapons, the German had to retreat and this is what they did.

When the war was over, the USSR was reborn. Their economy and production lines were improved and qualified. Also, with saving some countries from the Germans they could impose their own ideology as well. But they could not do such things after the war because of the US and other capitalist European Countries.

However, in cold war times the USSR had some beneficial allies such as Cuba which is very close to the US and against capitalism. Cuba had bad times with the US government after World War 2. So, they have started searching for someone who was as strong as the US and against capitalism. The USSR have helped Cuba a lot and always tried to keep their economy in a normal level. In return, Cuba helped the USSR with its geographic position by letting itself being weaponized by the USSR against the US.

In short capitalism and communism has changed the world a lot and it still is changing. But, in my opinion so long as we are human the thing that is important for us is not our ideologies, our humanity. Because without it nothing we try to apply will not be applied successfully and this unsuccessful attempt may cause some bad people to earn more or use a country as a puppet.

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