The Importance Of Freedom

  Undoubtedly, freedom is a phenomenon that we talk about easily in many different ways in our daily conversations. We make comments about it and criticize life without being it. In fact we must understand the meaning of it. What we call freedom is a much more complex concept than it seems. 

Where exactly is freedom?

From one point of view, freedom resides in our minds, emotions, hearts, deep within our soul and being. Our consciousness can completely break free of all the shackles that bind us, break the shackles of our thoughts, and transcend boundaries in how we see and understand the world.


On the other hand, freedom is a basic concept of modern democracies. It is absolutely one of the most important basic and human rights. In addition to this, freedom is of great importance in every sense. There are many other situations, such as living free or expressing thoughts freely. Because people don’t like psychological or physical pressure, they should be free.


Republic is freedom because the people make the republic and they cannot be peaceful and happy without being free. Of course, freedom has its limits. you should not disturb the rights of others, but the right to free thought is very important in a democratic society.


The republic in any sense means the rule of the whole people. Sovereignty in the society belongs to the people, not to a single person like the king or queen. The people elect their rulers by voting at certain intervals. This started with The French Revolution. In France the absolute monarchy has been overthrown by the nation. It was well conceived as a libertarian vision for Europe and the West and at a turning point in history.


Republic is freedom because it provides the best democratic regimes. The best democracy is built on it since the voice of the people is very important.


Republic is freedom because  fundamental and civil rights are based on it. When you look at well developed countries, will see that they give people rights on the basis of it. However, the situation is opposite in non-developed countries.


To summarize, a free republic is very important for a democratic society, this leads to happy people and a developed country.


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