The Importance Of Our Differences

Teenagers have always got the compliment of every age group.  Everyone be saying “I would kill to be as lusty as you.” or “You are so lucky that you are still a teenager.  You’ll miss these days.”  But I don’t quite understand why people are methodically saying these phrases when it has no meaning to any teenager.  To make it clear by what I meant is that it’s an absolute hell for most of the teenagers.

Why am I calling something hell when every other person on this planet telling that it’s the best time of your life? The answer is simple,  We are brainwashed to be the same.  By making everyone same it will be easier for the colleges and the government to care about us.  I mean when we make everyone the same,  we don’t have anything left that makes us special about us,  So people who need for students or employees won’t need to care about our personal differences since it’s all the same.  I can clear your mind by giving a couple examples; In Turkey, every kid who wants to go to a intellectual high school has to enter a exam.  This exam is called “LGS” which the questions that it contains has only the topics of 8th grade.  By just thinking about it, you probably guessed that it’s an easy exam because how can an 8th grade exam be so difficult?  If you said that the exam is easy, you guessed it wrong because this exam contains college style questions which some of the high school students can’t do.  It’s really sad to think about when they are expecting a 14 year old kid to have a full mark on the exam while on the other hand a college student struggles to find the answers on LGS.  When we look at another perspective, not every kid on turkey get to find their passion due to studying on their classes in order to no fail the school, because if anyone fails they get no chance to get a job that actually has good income.  For example, when a students enjoys something more than classes and school, they can’t make it into a whole career because the activities that doesn’t contains any school work doesn’t count as a real world job.  It’s really ridiculous for people to call other peoples dream useless when not everyone the same.

To sum up everything that has been stated so far, in my opinion, it’s not correct to judge people by what they are going to do with their own future when everyone is responsible for themselves because everyone has different skills and abilities and those abilities and skills will make you closer to your dream, not peoples malarkey.

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