The Importance of Sovereignty

Sovereignty means the supreme power of an independent state. Sovereignty encompasses all social, economic and political forces. It also gives a political character to a certain group of people. For this reason, it has a very important and valuable place in almost every society.

Sovereignty, which concerns every individual in society, is carried out by representatives or rulers. Freedom is the basis of sovereignty, but a sovereign person, however free and independent, cannot exceed the rules of the general contract.

The real owner of sovereignty is the individual. No individual is alike. In this case, people should have the right to make common decisions with each other in its establishment, functioning and development.

Have you ever thought about what kind of problems we might encounter if there was no power of the state or the existence of sovereign powers in an administration?                                                                                            First of all, if there was no national sovereignty, our country would be ruled by the sultanate. The public would not have a say in state affairs, which brought riots with it.                                                                                          Without national sovereignty, we would not be fully independent. Therefore, internal rebels would break out and this would lead us to collapse. The basis of equality, justice and freedom is national sovereignty. Therefore, in a society where there is no sovereignty, none of these values ​​exists and the society cannot live in peace. In addition, it would be impossible to even move forward in an administration where the people did not have a voice. Only two options can be mentioned: In a society where intellectual integrity and freedom of thought were not strong, people could not govern themselves, everyone would act in an irregular and irregular manner, or they would have to obey all the orders of a single ruler.                                                                                                                    Atatürk says, “The institutions founded on the slavery of nations are doomed to collapse everywhere.”                Unless a nation defends its own rights with all its might, it cannot escape from being oppressed by others. Our national life and our recent management style can be shown as proof of this.

To talk about our country, since Atatürk brought national sovereignty to our country, the society has started to live in prosperity and the inequality problems in the country have been reduced to a minimum. The Turkish nation has managed to look to the future with hope after handing over its destiny to the hands of the Grand National Assembly.

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