The Increasing Population and The Consequences

Do you live in a overpopulated country?

Troughout the world there are many kind of countries with their social structures.Some populations are very high some low and they continue to increase .And some countries started to take some precautious about this issue.But with the new virus the population started to decrease this is a big problem to but not much as increasing population.

The increasing population has many negative effects on peoples live as well. If population ıncreases extremely people can ‘t find any job an unenployment occurs.And lack of sources is a big problem as well with the increasing population especially the countries that are in improvment period suffer from this problem new births bring more food,shelter water etc.So one more problem is that with the increasing population the usage of fossil fuels increase for transportation and lung diseases and air polution ocurs at this time.So we can say diseases increase with overpopulation.

Finally increasing population can cause suffer for communities with many alternative problems  and if we dont behave cautious it will increase and increase and many people will die from diseases,finishing sources,less job oppurtunities etc.So that we should stop this massive increase and control the overpopulation for our future.

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