The Infamous French Cafe

One of my main desires before I die is to travel all around the world. Even though my parents try to provide this opportunity for me as much as they can since I am in my teen years I know I will not be able to remember the places I visited when ı grow up. Well there is nothing to do but to take pictures to at least keep something. That is why I was so enthusiastic when I learned that a new French cafe just opened in my area. It felt like a sign from the universe. 

It is not a big cafe like the ones in our area and this is one of the things that differentiate this cafe from others. There are also seats for people who come alone which is not thought in our countries’ cafes. I believe this is amazing cause it gives the feeling to people that there is nothing wrong with hanging by yourself and taking care of yourself.

The cafe had all the things I can possibly want in it. You feel like you are in France when you go in. Since I know the feeling of being in a French cafe from my childhood I can assure you that. You can find any type of French food with any topping you want. Even though the food is not as good as I was expecting in my opinion the whole point is to feel like you are in France so the taste is not that much important.

There is also an area where you can take pictures with buildings from France with the explanations of the places and their history. This was my favorite part of the cafe as you can learn more about the country you want to be in. Also the fact that employees teach you to ask the things you want in the French language completes the whole idea of the cafe.

Overall, I really recommend going to this cafe as it will be an unforgettable experience for you and your friends I am really confident that you will not regret it.

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