The Journey

If only I had known what I wished would become the truth, I would take a step back. If only I had known…

I was surrounded by a calm, cool breeze, carrying songs from a musician standing on a corner of the great square. Those were the songs spreading a gentle but sharp nostalgia, or they might just be scaping the surface of our minds to reach the depths of our precious memories. A tear drop rolled over my cheeks while I was passing by.

It was the exhausted sound of a fountain that caught my attention. A little girl threw a coin, nobody knew what she wished for but me. The fountain recieved her call, but could not answer. She turned back with disappointment in her old eyes. I was not patient enough to see the rest, so I kept walking.

On the sidewalk, I saw a lonely pigeon unable to fly. It was not aware of the fact that it was not capable of flying because it had plucked all feahers on its wings itself. I felt pity for it, as if I was not the one plucking my own wings.

I followed the sidewalk until I left the square behind and reach the sea. The sea which I had thought would be peaceful, quiet and free was frustrated. It sticked on my skin somehow, all the salt and negativity it was carrying. I felt disgusted, for the first time, the sea was disgusting. I started to run, run away from that sticky, disgusting slurry left back by me.

My path was blocked by a giant wall, with no way to climb. I waited, I waited for years. The wall collapsed right in front of me and became a part of the ground I stepped on. Behind the wall, there were a crowd. I was glad that I was not all alone until I realised they were nothing but faded shadows. The shadows pointed at me and started laughing. They were pulling my hair, grabbing my arms and legs. The most painful regret of mine was giving them one of my arms.

I tried to walk and leave everything behind, as I always did. But not this time. I shouted at the gray sky, ‘’This was not what I deserved!’’ On the other hand, every cell in my body knew that this was what I wished for yesterday, a life. And I would never take a step back.


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