The Key Or The Cuffs

We believe or it is more correct to say we need to believe in something whether it is to calm our jaded minds or to have comfort. Our beliefs shape the way we live and they either confine us into a small cage or open up wonderful opportunities.

Religion is defined as a particular system of belief or faith and it is one of the best examples that could be given in this subject. Some religions are really oppressive of one’s own way of living and people defend these religions because they think people will follow these restrictions correctly and will not stray from the path of god, when it is the opposite of what usually happens. More than half of Catholics in America have tried alcohol at least once while almost 20 percent is a regular drinker, these statistics show when a religion or a belief system tries to be oppressive people will prioritize their own will over them. In the end it will cause more damage than which it sought to stop.


Of course there are reasons for these restrictions in belief systems, whether it is for those who do not have self control or for those who are straying from the path they have willingly chosen to follow because of other reasons but it neglects one important thing and that is the human consciousness. We as humans will always be attracted to forbidden things and the only thing stopping us may be severe punishments waiting for us in the end. These punishments are typically much more severe than people sought them out to be but with the modernization of our society these punishments have gotten much lighter compared to before but it doesn’t change the fact that we are becoming slaves to our beliefs because we are afraid of the punishments.


Overall I think people forcing beliefs onto themselves is not healthy not just for the person but also for the community. People hurt themselves and the surrounding community without realizing while also trying to live according to their beliefs. Like I mentioned before that’s not to say there is no use for beliefs but as it can be seen with little observation that excessive practice of beliefs or being too dedicated to beliefs will only lead to one’s own self demise. Too much of everything is bad in life and we need moderation to keep us in check.


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