The Key to Success

The question ” Who is more successful? A hardworker or a genius?” has been a huge controversial topic for many years. 2015 Nobel Prize in Chemistry award winner Aziz Sancar thinks that hardwork is what seperates us from each other. He also states that he believes in hardwork. People have many different ideas about this topic. Some think being a genius is all that takes to be successful while some other people think that hardwork is the main key to success. Moreover, there are people who think that to be successful, both is vital.

People who think hardwork is the main key to success like Aziz Sancar, claim that students will not be successful unless they study really hard and go to great lenghts and some parents even may force their children to work hard. This may cause some negative consequences. Even though the student was to be successful, the student starts hating the classes and cannot be successful. The true thing to do, in my opinion, is to motivate the student to work hard and make him build confidence. After these, the student’s progress will be great. It is important to be smart to a certain level. However you can acquire many things by working hard, it would just need more effort. Genius’ situation is just they do not need much effort to accomplish the same things as you do. It is true that an intelligent person who works really hard would be the one who achieve the most.

On the other hand, people who think that being a genius is all that takes to be successful, are the people who just chooses the easiest way. They do not have the enthusiasm to study and achieve things. They just think people who are not intelligent will not be able to be successful. But there are a lot of scientists who are not so intelligent like Thomas Alva Edison. No matter how many times he failed, he never gave up and at his 1000th attempt he invented the light bulb. However, the smartest person in human history, William James Sidis who has an IQ of 290-300 would have invented the light bulb with less time and less effort. Albert Einstein says that “Genius is %1 talent and %99 hardwork.” This proves that one of the smartest people in human history who is named as a genius thinks hardwork is much more important than talent to be successful.

To summarize, many scientists think that hardwork is more important than talent. I agree with those scientists who think that hardwork is really important. But talent is needed to be successful. Talent is the handle of the key and hardwork is what that shapes the tip of the key to open the door of success.


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