The Killing Game

I woke up in an empty classroom, wasn’t able to remember what happened, like if my memories were erased, I only remembered my name, Jordan. The windows were blocked by large plates; blocking the vision outside like if I was in a jail cell. I went outside the classroom and found a big sports room where there where about 15 other people who all looked as confused as me. They all started to ask me if I had any idea of what was going on like if I was their last hope and of course they were quite disappointed when they realized I was as clueless as them. Suddenly we heard a voice, a mysterious voice which we had no idea from where it came from, this creeping us even more. The voice said “Finally the 16 of you gathered here, now are you ready to hear this! I will announce that the killing game will start right now!” We all freaked out and started to scream with no idea of what was happening, then the voice continued to speak; “I was expecting you all to panic but not this much, i’ll explain the rules, you are all trapped on my academy where you will be disposed by free food and a room where you can spend the night, BUT if you wanna leave this place + get your memories back; you will have to kill one of your classmates and not get caught, what do I mean about not getting caught? Well once the dead body is discovered you will all participate in a class trial where you will have to argue and discuss who you think the killer is. If you figure it out the killer will loose and be executed but if you don’t figure it our, EVERYONE will be executed apart from the killer who will be able to leave this place…”

We all stayed quiet, because of how shocked we were. I thought it was a dream, or a joke, It was hard to accept what was happening; suddenly everyone tried to escape the academy, they tried to open the exit door, break the plates covering the windows, find a secret exit but nothing worked out well. I, scared as I was never been before run to the rooms and hid in mine, I didn’t want anyone to kill me, but I was too much of a coward to kill someone I started to cry until I fell asleep on my bed, while I was asleep a noise woke me up. Someone was at the door, trying to get through it and by how aggressively they were trying to open it it seemed they had no good intentions, I didn’t know what to do, but then the person on the other side of the door stopped trying to open it, I was relieved for a second until blood started to come in through the bottom of the door. I didn’t wanna believe it, I couldn’t even think of the fact that someone just died on front of my door…


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