The Lake

In the old world there lived a traveler whose name was Avis.

Avis was curious, stubborn, a free spirit, and adventurous, with bushy wings like an albatross.

He was as old as the ocean, but he was so vigorous, full of life

He had traveled all over the world, the universe, witnessed creation, all the suffering, happiness, and everything, everything that was going on.

One day, while Avis was floating in the vast sky, he fell to the ground from the weight of what he saw.

Couldn’t handle it anymore.

He started crying in the middle of nowhere, he cried and cried, he made the whole universe flow with tears, he cried for days and years, tears had formed a stream. Avis had placed the universe in a stream.

Avis passed away, but she left some of her soul in the stream because she was also part of the universe.

This bottomless stream was located in the Nihil region,

a girl came to this stream from far away with the breeze of dark wind.

The girl’s skin was covered with mud and dirt, she had ash-colored eyes, and her feet were bare.

She was wearing a dress, although the skirts of the dress were worn out from climbing trees, they were torn.

this girl’s name was Luna. Luna did not know her age, nor did she know her duty, tossing where the wind blows.

The girl put down her patched bag and took out a cup from her bag, raised her head to look at the sky, the sun was again leaving its place on the moon.

The girl took his testicle and started walking towards the clear water, she dipped it in the water and filled her testicle with this clear water to quench her thirst, the moon called to her from above

he said she shouldn’t drink from the test

Luna’s pupils grew, she raised her head and looked at the moon, and a vague question of reason came out of her mouth, and the moon answered, go look at the water and tell me.

Luna was surprised, she took two steps and leaned in front of the stream, she could not see her reflection, but she could see that it was life, even her duty Luna did not make a sound  as the moon did the same

Luna was not aware of anything, she was wandering around the universe, she was partaking in the happiness and sadness of people she never knew, 

It was as if Luna had entered a different dimension at that time.

It was like her mind was playing a game with her

She knew things she didn’t know, she found out she didn’t know things she knew anymore.

But Luna’s soul could not bear this weight either, so she closed her eyes to the stars on that moonlit night as part of the stream.


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