The Largest Electric War in History

Was Tesla a greater inventor or Edison? Why did history cross out Tesla while writing Edison? Did Edison really steal Tesla’s inventions? Why couldn’t Tesla realize its slogan project? Why was Edison so against the current? There is never certainty in history. History is shaped according to the power and whoever has it. Here, Mustafa Kemal Atatürk said, “Writing history is as important as making history. If the writer gets used to the user and does not accept it, the truth will take on a nature that will surprise the madness.” Once again, we get to know you more closely. You can plan to use these two geniuses with this saying that they could not predict the course of their time to a high degree. To briefly talk about what both inventors did; Edison was the inventor of the technologies we use today, such as the phonograph, light bulb, cement making technology, camera, direct current electric motor, electrical power generation systems, and batteries. Tesla, on the other hand, patented about 700 inventions, most of which were not implemented, such as alternating current, wireless light bulb, fluorescent lamp, electron microscope, radio wave, walkie-talkie, neon lamp, wireless telegraphy, remote control, wireless electricity transmission, electromagnetic motor, electric rail system and generator. and is the owner of the invention.

Returning to the relationship between them, with Tesla’s rapid rise in the company, he was given the task of redesigning Edison’s direct current generator. He was offered $50,000 in return. However, when Tesla completed the design and went to ask for his money, Edison said, “Tesla, you don’t understand American jokes!” got the answer. Tesla quit the job, refusing to work with the $18 weekly. Thereupon, Tesla started a brand new project on alternating current versus direct current. Edison, who was afraid of Tesla’s work, started campaigns to smear alternating current sources to scare people. However, alternating current gained a rapid rise when the lighting of the fair, which was held in 1893 for the celebration of the 400th anniversary of the discovery of the American continent, was made with AC (alternating current) at a much lower cost by Tesla’s company. After the fair, Tesla won the tender to build a hydroelectric power plant in Niagara Falls to produce AC. This was the world’s first hydroelectric power plant. Later, in 1900, he established the ‘Wireless Broadcasting System’ with his dreams of providing free electrical energy. His investor, Morgan, withdrew his support when he realized that this was truly “free energy.” This led to the collapse of Tesla.

As a result, Tesla, who laid the foundations of the modern world, lost his old reputation because he could not think commercially and was left alone, and died penniless at the age of 86. Edison, on the other hand, was a very good talent scout. His passion for expressing his ideas was the biggest advantage of getting funds from investors for his ideas. He managed to impress the public with his flamboyant product promotions in big squares and got their support behind him. The fact that Edison realized his inventions with his employees can be seen as a plus or a minus against Tesla, who mostly worked alone.

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