The Laws of the Universe

The 12 Laws of the universe are believed to be the cheat codes of the universe. These laws are believed to be known by ancient cultures. Some laws are associated with hermetic philosophy looking back at ancient Egypt and some are to a meditation method in ancient Hawaiian culture called Ho’oponopono. I have covered the first six in my previous writing. So here are the rest:

We have all heard of karma at some point. Well, this law is all about karma. It’s the law of cause and effect. This law is pretty straightforward. It highlights the direct relationship between the actions done and their consequences. Basically meaning every action we take and put out in the universe is going to come back to us in the same way. Stating treating everything in you’re life you want to be treated might end up in your favor in the long run, even if it doesn’t seem like it right away.

The law of attraction and correspondence relate closely to the law of compensation. “You reap what you sow” is the main concept of this law. This law is to remind you to keep a positive attitude towards opportunities while reminding you all you’re work and positive energy you put in the universe will have a positive outcome and none is going to be wasted.

The Law of relativity is one of the interesting ones. This law indicates that everything is a spectrum of impressions. This means the only factor that determines the meaning attribute things in life are based on only our perception and perception. Meaning we are the ones to assign meaning to things that happen in life and there is no right perception of good or bad.

Law 10 would be The Law of Polarity. There are 2 sides to every coin. Life is the same. Everything has a polar opposite. When there is light there is dark, every up has a down. These things can’t exist without the other. These things exist, so we can make decisions (figuring out what we like and what we don’t) and feel comforted in horrible situations knowing there is going to be something to get out of it.

The next one is one you might be familiar with. Everything has a rhythm or a cycle in nature. A good example is the way the seasons change. This indicates that even if we are in a horrible situation that it’s temporary, that we are growing every single day, changing, and aren’t going to be the same way forever.

Last but not least there is the Law of Gender. Even though our society has corrupted the gender norms, every individual has 50% masculine and 50% feminine energy. Not everyone chooses to express the same amount of each and finding where you stand on that scale can help live your life in your authentic energy balance.

So these are the 12 Laws of The Universe completed. Once you incorporate these changes into your life and see the impact it has on your daily life you are going to become a better, more positive being with much more energy during the day. Try it out for yourself.

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