The Laws of the Universe

The 12 Laws of the universe are believed to be the cheat codes of the universe. These laws are believed to be known by ancient cultures. Some laws are associated with hermetic philosophy looking back at ancient Egypt and some are to a meditation method in ancient Hawaiian culture called Ho’oponopono. Here are some of them:

The first law of them all is the Law of Divine Oneness. This law can be considered a base layer. This law is mainly about, beyond all senses we are all connected through creation. In some way, you are as connected to the universe as the next human. It’s also a reminder that your every action and decision affects the universe as a whole and not only you as an individual.

The Law of Vibration. It’s scientifically proven that all matter in any state vibrates at a certain frequency.  They are in constant motion. This is the same with one’s personal frequency. We vibrate in as well. The main message with this law is that you only can attract things that match your frequency. Your frequency is measured by your emotional state since emotions are energy in motion. Guilt being the lowest, alignment being the highest frequency.

The Law of Correspondance. This law states that our lives are a pattern created by our subconscious. This means that the life we live is mirroring the things that are happening inside our subconscious. So if something chaotic happens in your life that means there is chaos within the mind that needs self-reflection and healing.

The Law of Attraction undoubtedly is the most mainstream one amongst all the universal laws. This law is basically “the law of vibration in action”. Like attracts like. If you want something you should not be coming from a place of lack and desperation. It should match your frequency. This means if you want love, you should be able to give love to other people.

The Law of Inspired Action is about taking eligible steps while the law of attraction is aligning with the frequency. These steps are to make it easier for what you want to enter your life. Like creating a vision board.

Law of Perpetual Transmutation of Energy. This law states that the universe is always evolving and changing on an energytic level. Our thoughts and small actions cause major results. Like when you are around a negative person you feel your positivity being sucked out of your body. On the contrary, small and fun activities being incorporated into your daily routine, like singing in the shower or dancing when a song comes on can impact your general energy in a positive way.

These are only the first 6 Laws of the Universe. Once you incorporate these changes into your life you can become a better, more positive being with much more energy during the day. Try it out for yourself.



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