The Less the Better

Every country has their own different socio-economic an political conditions that make their working time and style different. But is working more in a day and time is better for ourself and for our productivity.

Since practice makes perfect, working more should be the best right? In 2014 Stanford University did a study based on efficiency of our work based on time. Working more than 35 hours a week reduces the productivity, but working more than 50 hours a week reduces efficiency for a signifficant amount. Working should be limited to 6 hours a day for not losıing any productivity and focus. Another study in Toronto University proves that by saying  you cant keep your energy for 8 hours a day continously. As you can guess after long hours of work people cant make time for themselves which can lead to depressed lifestyle and not getting their work done as best as possible.Working long hours also effects climate crisis. In a report that Autonomy made wroking hours effects the carbon emmision in atmosphere. As some jobs requıre workıng long tıme on desk it can cause back and eye problems for most of the people.Compared to people who work 30 hours a day people who work more tghan 50 hours a week have hıgher risk of getting type 2 diabetes.

In addition, working less is better for our mental health and for our productivity.

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