The Little Boy and Perhaps His “Attenuated” Brothers

Throughout history, people have fought each other for various interests. With the past wars, technology did not lag behind, and in the era of modern civilization, it revealed the most advanced weapon of mass destruction that has ever existed. This weapon was nothing but an atomic bomb. The atomic bombs dropped on Japan by the United States in World War II caused hundreds of thousands of deaths. These bombs have also caused great damage to the environment. The scientists of the countries of the world that have not seen a global war since 1945 claim that the only way to achieve world peace is to reduce the impact of the atomic bombs. But can reducing the impact of a tremendously dangerous weapon herald a happy and peaceful future for people?

The damage done by atomic bombs spreads over a large area. Destroying everything from a few kilometers away from where they fell, these bombs emit deadly doses of radiation that will last for decades as a result of the explosion. In short, atomic bombs are no different from explosives against humanity and the world. People who are overwhelmed by wars are now looking for a ticket to the theater of world peace. The idea of ​​a “diluted atomic bomb” put forward by scientists contemplating this problem is a flawed solution for some reasons. The fact that the atomic bombs are still in the inventory of the world superpowers after they have been overhauled does not mean that they will never use them. The escalating tension between the USA and the Soviet Union after World War II brought along the Cold War Period and the Cuban Missile Crisis. A slight increase in tension in this time period could result in the destruction of the human race by hundreds of atomic bombs on the sides. Based on this example, it would not be wrong to say that if atomic bombs continue to exist, it is possible for the human race to be erased from history at any moment.

Diluted atomic bombs are actually a subliminal message intended to be given to the public. In other words, scientists are not heralds of world peace, but the harbingers of the apocalypse. World peace is neither child’s play nor something to be achieved by changing a few weapons. The use of atomic bombs with a narrowed effect area is almost like a comedy played in the theater. Even if you do whatever you want with the atomic bombs, they will continue to be a threat unless you give up on them. Won’t people continue to lose their limbs, their lives, and their families because of the explosion of so-called reduced-effect atomic bombs? Won’t natural ecosystems continue to disappear? Won’t the pain and sadness disappear from us? No, nothing will change. Future generations will be just a handful of paint scraps in the dirty painting their ancestors painted. Peace begins when you pull your gun from where you point it.

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