The Lone Tree In The Garden

Some people say that “Loneliness is a garden with an on only tree.” but loneliness is not just about being alone. I define loneliness in two ways. The first is the loneliness in which a person finds himself / herself. And the second is loneliness, from which the collapse begins.

First of all, the topic I want to talk about is the loneliness that a person realizes and begins to build his / her own self. sometimes, we all feel lost. Life never goes well. The more you scramble, the more you fall into a vicious circle in which you sink. And then we fall into a deep loneliness and realize some things . We rebuild ourselves and our self-confidence and  keep a clean slate and write down the so-called destiny with our own hands from where we left off. In the meantime, we show ourselves to the world again. And there comes a day when everyone watches you leave your cocoon in admiration. Imagine a tree. Some of its branches are almost dried up and consume all the energy of the tree. After that, the gardener comes and prunes these branches and the tree renews itself. -in this loneliness that we experience while renewing ourselves, the right friendships are also very important.- This shows us that having only one tree in the garden does not always mean loneliness, it means renewal.

And the second is loneliness, which started the destruction. In this case, the situation will no longer be bearable. The impact of the environment is more important here than anything else. A bad attitude to the environment significantly affects a person’s psychology. And so the person gets into a darkness that he no longer wants to get out of. If it is this loneliness that he is experiencing, I will try to keep him away from everything and protect him. In short, the collapse begins.

As a result, we can summarize this event as follows: we cannot always misinterpret it because there is only one tree in the garden. Because we don’t know if the loneliness experienced is good or bad.

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