The Loneliness That Follows Us

The only person we talk to without getting bored is ourselves. At the end of the day, when we put our heads on the pillow, we are alone again. Does everyone experience this? Are we really alone? Or do we bring the loneliness ourselves?

Every living thing is doomed to loneliness. This is an inevitable fact. More frightening than anything is the fact that when one dies, one will be the only one under the soil. The fact that one will not be able to think, question or even breathe again proves that one is alone. The person remembers death and loneliness mostly at night. We have always seen it like that in movies because the tales with bad endings we are told end in that cold and lonely night. People understand the cruelty of life when everyone around them is gone. Loneliness is such a subject that it has graced the pages of poets and philosophers for so many years. True loneliness is hidden in all those sentences. It is like the Moonlight Sonata resting in the dark night. Loneliness is knowing that no one can help you, including yourself.

Loneliness is not just not having someone by your side, because the person still may not feel lonely when no one is around. Or they may feel lonely in the crowds. The real loneliness is this thought you put into yourself. You set the boundaries, you set the rules. Solitude is like a garden with one tree. One can’t help the tree even though the sun is bright. Because one realizes it at night. One is alone at night. We are like the stars. There are so many stars around us, but we still feel alone. Such is loneliness. As the mass of stars grows, the distress grows. It swells as it swells and becomes unbearable anymore. Then it explodes, perhaps about to become a black hole. Loneliness is like an ant trying to hide in the rain. One drop of water is enough to kill it. The drops of water it escaped from are just like people. It doesn’t want to come across to any of the drops because if it does, they will kill it instantly, just like people kill us with their thoughts. Maybe that’s what drives us to loneliness. An endless loop. It has become a habit for the ant to run away every time it rains, maybe it lost a loved one in that rain. Loneliness is not a choice; it is an experience. After experiencing it once, you realize that you experience it more often because you get used to that feeling and adopt it.

Solitude cannot be a concrete thought. Being alone cannot define this word. Not finding an answer to the voice in your head is living with it and isolating yourself. Loneliness is a lifelong search for the answer to a question that you can’t find the answer to from someone else.




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