I woke up. I went to the kitchen and had my breakfast. When I was ready to go to work, an earthquake started! I was so scared. The apartment started to fall, and, and, and… I woke up. Oh, it was a nightmare. I could have my breakfast now. I remembered today was Saturday. Yeah! I was so happy! But, I didn’t want to stay at home, I wanted an adventure. I thought I could go to a cave. I got ready and walked to a cave. After a while, I came to the cave. I went inside. There were lots of crystals! It was so good. Wait, was I seeing a speaking table and a book? It couldn’t be real! But they were not happy.

-I don’t want you to sit on me.

-Bu-but where can I sit?

– Wait, stop, don’t fight. The book can stay near you, it doesn’t need to stay on you of course.

The book and the table were a little embarrassed. I didn’t know why they fought with each other. Then I walked again. I saw three doors. And there was a question that was written on the wall. The question said; “The one sentence is true, and the other two aren’t true. The sentences are: ‘The first door is good, open it. ‘The third door isn’t good, don’t open it.’ ‘The second door isn’t good, don’t open it’. I thought I should choose the second one. I opened the door and I couln’t believe what I saw when I opened the door. This world’s name was “TRUTH WORLD”, because I saw a sign on the floor. Everywhere, there were no humans but every natural thing was speaking the truth. Wait a minute, I thought the speaking table’s and the chair’s home was here. I saw them, yeeeesssss! But there was a dragon and he was coming to me. I started to run, I run, run, run and run but when I opened my eyes, I was in the dragon’s mouth. Aaaaaaaaaaaaa! But I woke up again. No, again a dream, but I wanted to see all of these in real life! But I don’t want a dragon to eat me… Okay, I think that is enough!

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