The Magic Key

Language is an environment in which people communicate together with the help of words or signs to share their feelings and thoughts with each other. Language is a factor that varies depending on where lives. Language is our knowledge, our today, our tomorrow, our everything. They could not live our life without language in humans, could not communicate.

The language, which is the main crown of communication, is different in each region. As soon as newborn babies are born, they adapt to the language spoken around them. Even with young children, it is usually preferred that their caregivers have knowledge of various languages. Because the tree bends when it is old. People live by the number of languages they know. The number of languages becomes very strong. The strong protect themselves.

Knowledge of the language is also a much-needed treasure for those who are starting an international life or business. For example, a Turkish teenager, who has won a university abroad, is preparing to go, and in order for him to lead a decent life when he goes, he needs to know the widespread language of his destination. If he knows English, which is the language known everywhere internationally, he will probably have a small chance of getting comfortable.

The idea of speaking the language the same way by everyone was put forward by Ludwik Lejzer Zamanhof about 130 years ago. Ludwik Lejzer Zamanhof was a Polish-born Askenazi Jewish ophthalmologist and linguist. Its purpose is to ensure that everyone understands each other’s language. even 130 years ago, there were studies to develop everything so that everyone could speak in one language. Growing up fascinated by the idea of a world without war, Zamanhof began developing the Esperanto language while at school. He believed that the language could be an international auxiliary language and worked for him. However, because he was not accepted with this work, he did not achieve much success. That is, he remained someone who dreamed that people would speak the same language and communicate more easily.

With the use of some kind of language by everyone, the idea of visiting other countries would disappear, as everyone would be able to communicate easily. It would be easy to change the country for the living space. There would be no foreign language training interpreters. World literature would be more worthless if there would be no wealth brought by different languages. According to the latest data, there are 208 countries in the world and there are 7,100 different languages. If all people spoke the same language, there would not be a world where everyone knows everything.

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