The Magnificent Me

The perfect person for me to wake up in his/her body for a day to explore his/her life is Sultan Suleiman the Magnificent. I am curious about his actual appearance and the life in the palace. It would be lovely to see all the people wearing all those colorful dresses and seeing their actual daily lives. I am really curious about the “has oda” too.

He was the longest-reigning and the most powerful sultan of the Ottoman Empire. He campaigned 13 times in total lasting over 10 years on the horseback and unfortunately died on the last one. He was a wise man and a really important ruler of his time. During his reign of 46 years, he had conquered and expanded the borders of the Ottoman Empire both on the west and the east from 6.557.000 km2 to 14.983.000km2 which is more than two times the original. Furthermore, he was a romantic and the first-ever sultan to get married. He had a total of 11 children from 3 different women but 7 of them died before him. After his death, his son Selim II from Sultan Hurrem succeeded his region. Out of all his children, Mehmed was his favorite but he cared about Mustafa’s education more than the others. It is believed that if Mustafa had taken over the throne after his father’s death, the Ottoman Empire would be much more powerful and would never be the same because he was the best educated out of all his siblings and the most exceptional child.

And the thing I would do first if was in his body is annulling the tradition of “Harem”. It is just so disrespectful for women. Some even killed, poisoned, stabbed each other in there. It made women seem like they are rivals.

The second and the most important one would likely change the course of history, opening the way for Shahzadeh Mustafa’s accession to the throne. I would issue a “ferman” for him to succeed after me. No matter how much I care for Hurrem Sultan I still wouldn’t kill my son. In fact, if he made it to the throne after me, he would change the world and we would probably become the most powerful empire.

In conclusion, it would be the best and the most important day in both of my lives. And it would be so hard for me to fight the urge to chit-chat with somebody and break my court rules.

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