I was watching the snow out of the window. I was also engrossed with the splendid beauty of the nature. The little snowflakes were falling down to the ground as gently as possible. It seemed like they were willing to dance. When my thoughts were getting deeper, I heard a choked door knocking. I got up and jerked my pants to take off the dust, then I went straight to the door. When I opened the door, I just found out that I got a letter. I reached out to the letter, but I was also wondering if the man just misunderstood the address because it had been a while since I got a new letter. When I was standing and looking at the letter, I saw a weird, symbol looking thing, but I didn’t care. When I opened this dirty old letter, I saw that it was an invitation letter, but I couldn’t get why someone would invite me to some place when I wasn’t even talking to anyone for a long time. I tried to take these things off my mind and went straight to my room to change. Because I was looking forward to going there and I had only one hour left. I took off my old, teared down pajamas and wore the fanciest things that I could ever find in my wardrobe. I got out and got in my old weird looking car. I started driving my car with a delighted look on my face. After a while passed, I realized that I arrived at the place. I got out of my car and saw the huge, mysterious looking mansion standing in front of me. I couldn’t see anyone besides me so I decided to get in because I thought everyone would be inside. I was about to knock the door with the big doorknob but then I saw that it was already opened. I felt like something was going on but didn’t care at all. I opened the door only to find out I was the only one invited. I was frustrated but then I heard some locking noises. So, I ran off to the door as fast as possible but still it was locked. I was scared, I didn’t know what to do at this point. I was hearing some weird, creepy noises and when I was trying to figure out what those noises were. I felt them getting closer to me and suddenly felt a heavy breathing next to my neck, appearing out of nowhere. I fell off but didn’t turn my back. But then I heard that thing saying “don’t worry little one, I know you’re mad at us right now but I just wanted to let you know that you’re not alone and will never be from now on”. Then the heavy breath suddenly disappeared again. My heartbeat was getting faster as the time passed. I tried to not to think about this stuff because it was stressing me out. I got up and started crying because I just wanted some fun but of course things didn’t go in my way. I felt something wiping off my tears, then I started running to get away from it. After a while passed, I saw a huge window cover with the creepy looking symbol on it, it was the same as the letter. When I opened the covers to look out of the window. I couldn’t believe what I saw. I just saw that the moon was really close, as close that it even looked like i could reach out to it if i got my hand out. But it was also really pretty so I couldn’t help but to lost myself in this beautiful view of moon. But the lights suddenly turned off and I started hearing some creepy music with a little girl chuckle in the back. My legs were also stuck, I could only move my arms. But then I just saw two bright eyes with an enormous body slowly coming towards me. That was all I could see. I heard a notification sound from the floor, and it was my phone, I didn’t even realize that it fell off. But I just read the message to see that it was a local alert one. “Whatever you do, DO NOT look at the moon”.

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