The Mastermind of Southpark

Think about all the characters in your favourite cartoon, most likely there will be at least one character that is powerful or smart enough to change the world without breaking a sweat. For example, Rick from Rick and Morty can probably destroy all humanity, same with Bill Ciper from Gravity Falls, but today I will not talk about those characters that are blatantly created with the thought of being the most powerful beings in their universe. The character I believe can change the world is Eric Theodore Cartman from the show South Park, and here is why.

The main reason is that Eric Cartman is a mastermind. Well, kind of a mastermind. In the show, you can see him struggling with basic school subjects but as well all know grades don’t mean anything, they are just a symbol that states how many questions you got right. The reason I’m calling him a mastermind is his pranks to the other characters. Throughout the 22 seasons of South Park, we can see Eric pranking Butters, a gullible kid that strangely is a close friend of Eric, and trying to make a quick buck using different businesses. Here are some of my favourites:

  • In season 6 episode 16 titled “My Future Self ‘n’ Me, Eric starts a business to help kids that are mad at their parents by selling the service of smearing faecal matter to the walls of the house.
  • In season 18 episode 8 titled “Grounded Vindaloop”, Eric tricks Butters into believing he’s in virtual reality, telling him to wreak havoc on the town of South Park.
  • In season 7 episode 9 titled “Christian Rock Hard”, Eric starts a Christian Rock band called “Faith + 1” just to win a bet he made with Kyle about going platinum, but he loses the bet after reaching the highest possible rank for a Christian Rock band.

Even though he is certainly not a great person, these examples show that he has the capability of changing the world drastically if he wanted. He can even benefit mankind if he used his brain for things like science and engineering instead of trying to get rich and tricking Butters for a quick laugh. Maybe he would help the progression of mankind if there was a money prize or a way to prove Kyle wrong, as it seems like those are the only things he cares about, what can you expect from a 4th grader anyways.

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