The Message: On The Way?

A lot of people are interested in space stuff. Especially alien stuff! Everyone really wants to know if there is aliens and even though space is so big, why we still didn’t discover them? Well there are a lot of misunderstandings, and a lot of people dont even know enough about these topics! So lets discover why we “might” still not discover aliens!

First, there are a lot of theories about aliens. Some of them like Fermi paradox are really famous. But ı wont talk about them, today ı am going to talk about the messages that might be on the way! So, we first need to understand how big the universe is. To understand this first learn kilometer is 1000 meters. Which is a really long way to walk. But well easy for cars. As we continue we see Earth has a diameter of about 13000 km which might seem less but it is really big! Now add up about 9.5 “trillion” kilometers to get 1 light year. Which is about the distance between Sun and Oort Cloud(end of solar system, a place covered with space dust and space objects). And now add’em up to measure the distance between stars. Yes they are really far away. Closest star to Earth after Sun is “Proxima Centauri”, about 4 ly(light years). To make things clear, the light you open and close instantly takes more than 4 years to get to closest stars(since some stars like Proxima are dim, most of them aren’t visible until we get to 100+ ly which consist brighter stars visible in night sky) which going with the speed of light is theoretically impossible. So you now can understand how long distances there are in space. Even Universe has a diameter of 93 billion light years! That is huge for something only existed 13.8 years and kept growing rapidly every time. But for the topic, it might be the reason why we still did not see any aliens until today and won’t probably see for a long time. So, space is so big and a lot of opportunities planets for life. So life probably exists in outer space. But why haven’t we noticed it? Well, first the distance is so big. Which might also give a shot to Einstein being right about light speed barrier. So we could have an idea why they didn’t conquer the galaxy, even though there were a lot of time. But you need billions of years to go into another galaxy even with light years which is hard. But why didn’t we see any trace of them? Welp it is so hard question to answer but it is probably because we don’t have enough technology yet. Maybe “that” message is toward us but we can’t notice it since it is not close enough or not recognisable by our world. Some people might say maybe we are alone or we are the most advanced civilizations but it is not that likely.

Anyways, this theory was among others. It kinda proves some points but we still need to discover the universe. So I’d like to end it here, ı hope you understood what ı meant! And how big the universe is!                   

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