The Money Buys

Ammy is a popular girl in their school. She is cute, she is the cheerleader of their basketball team and her father have a lot of money. Her father is a billionaire and own a worldwide company. Actually whole the world knows the billionaire’s daughter.

It was a good day to go to school. Ammy woke up and went to the bathroom to get a shower. Ammy stayed in the tub for 15 minutes and decided to make some makeup. When she finished her makeup, the maid called her to breakfast. She went downstairs and sat in the chair. Her dog came to her side and she started to pet. For breakfast, she ate 2 eggs, a sandwich with avocado, caviar and cheese. She is so careful of her weight. When she finished her breakfast she walked through the door and hop onto her private car.

When she arrived at school, everybody looked at her. But only one person didn’t. It was Ian. She was so disappointed because Ammy had a crush on Ian but unfortunately she can’t say to Ian. Also, Ian doesn’t have a lot of money and he is coming from a poor family. One day she decided to say that she loves Ian. Ammy go near him and she said that she had a crush on him. But Ian laughed and said, ” You girls are so funny. Making jokes from a poor guy. Love this joke . “. After saying this, he shut the door and went to the next lesson. Ammy was crying and so disappointed.

The next day Ian apologises to Ammy and he understood that she is not joking. Ian wants to be her boyfriend. Ammy was so happy to hear that. But Ian has some cruel plans . He will be her boyfriend for her money. After some hours, Ian and Ammy’s love spread to the school. The whole school wants to know why she is dating a poor boy.

It was a rainy day. Ian’s plan was going so well. Ian called Ammy and want to say his big investment. Ammy will give a lot of money to his boyfriend and Ian will buy some petroleum lands and etc… Ammy fell his trick so well and send her money to Ian’s bank account. After a few days, Ammy’s father died and Ammy was in a depression. She doesn’t know how to manage all this stuff and Ian comes for help for her. Ammy was okay with this situation and Ian’s plans worked very well. While he was CEO of the company, he sell the company and take all of the money.

When this reaches the school, everybody is fans of Ian instead of Ammy. Ammy was so sad to this happened but with a little amount of money, she opens a new shop.

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