The Moon

The Moon

I woke up to the sound of my alarm ringing. It was a fresh morning and I wasn’t that tired to begin the day after a long time. I got up from the bed and went to the bathroom to do my hair and then wore the clothes I picked up yesterday. I brushed my teeth and did my morning routine of facial care. I then went back to my bed to make it for the time I come back home. Before I left for school I wanted to look in the mirror one last time, but my reflection was not there. It turns out that my mind was playing tricks on me and that I haven’t woken up yet. I woke up again but for real this time. I checked the time and I was fifteen minutes late than my normal waking uptime. I ran to the bathroom to change and at least do my hair. I actually did not care about being late, because even though it’s a late start, a start is a start and I am happy about that. I then ran my way through to school.

As I expected, I was late for class too. I just hoped that the teacher wouldn’t mind it for this time. I knocked on the door and everyone went quiet. “Come in and take a seat, don’t be late again.” said the teacher to me as I nodded my head and went to my seat. The reason I didn’t care for being late was the fact that my favorite program will get its new season today after two years of waiting, so nothing can make me sad.

The classes ended fast, probably because I was too excited about going home. As I walked in the hallway a girl came across me and stopped. I was confused and just looked at her. She didn’t turn her back to greet me or anything. She just said “You have to wake up, dear.” with a voice similar to my mom’s. That just made me more confused but I didn’t have time to spend. I wanted to go home more than anything.

I came home to the door being unlocked and no one being home. It was weird because my mom would never forget to lock the door but there was no sign of trespassing or anything stolen. Well, I guess it was a first for her. I looked at my phone to check the time, the program was about to start. I just threw my bag and my cardigan on my bed and went to open the television.

I fell asleep during an ad break, it was two a.m. when I woke up. I decided to check my phone to see if anything happened, and there it was, “The moon looks beautiful.” About a hundred or so messages were saying this. What could be the reason? I didn’t know it and got curious, that’s how I ended up here. Admiring the beauty of the moon. The pale and shiny full moon felt like it was staring back at me. I felt like my body was not mine while looking at it. I heard crying noises coming from far away but the moon was just so beautiful that I completely ignored them. The more I looked at it, the closer I felt to the moon. It was so mesmerizing for me to realize that this was the beautiful light of death, it really looked heavenly.

“I am so sorry for your loss miss, she gave up.”

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