The Moon

Hundreds of years ago there was a kingdom in which people feared a vicious witch. Not that she would destroy their kingdom , for their relief, they had a very brave king who would protect them at all costs. Nevertheless they feared her because their king, as they called him King Cedric, took one of the newborns every year for sacrifising. He always told them that this was necesarry and if they didn’t sacrifise a kid the witch would overthrow their whole kingdom and give great pain to them. So, of course, they listened to him. This always happened at autumn.

Autumn, the season of golds and reds. When you get the feeling of nature flowing back and forth. Even though this season was filled with cozy and reileiving feelings, it was the saddest time of the year. Everyone would feel empty inside. Sacrifising was going to happen when the full moon appeared. There were three babies this year, all of their families were terified. After long debates and sleepless nights the decision was made. It was going to be the skinny four months old girl.

‘What a beautiful night!’ the witch thought while she was walking at the forest. It was full moon tonight. The whole forest was silvered and transformed by the light of the moon. She knew that there was a baby waiting for her somewhere near. Cruel humans would leave a baby in this forest every year. It was her job to find new homes for these poor creatures. Ecxept when she saw the little girl laying at the grass, she knew that this one was different. The baby contained magic within herself. Thus the witch felt unfortunate that the baby was very hungry. She didn’t have any food with her and it looked like the baby was miserable. Therefore the witch casted some spells on the moon, she was transforming the full moon spirit into a drink, and it was ready. Then she named the girl who drank the moon, Luna.

Luna grew into a beautiful woman with time. She has lived a marvellous life with the witch.  Though, Luna was the witch now. Vicious witch’s story went on and on. Untill the kingdom was destroyed one day. Yet that’s a story for another day.

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