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The Murderer in the Home

babysitter film 2017 the end stairs ile ilgili görsel sonucuThey were climbing up the stairs very silently in case of being heard by the murderer each of them had anything that can provide pain or cut. Lilli was in the middle of their six people line to upstairs. Penelope was the head and Nina was the least. They were so afraid to be seen or heard. Each of them was coldly sweating. Penelope stepped on a wobbly step and a noise of moving was heard from the next room which is kitchen from down stairs. Their silence was broken and they started running to the upstairs.

stairs terrifying ile ilgili görsel sonucu

Penelope got into the bathroom which is one of the five rooms in the hole. Bathroom, Lilli’s bedroom, her parent’s bedroom, storeroom, Charlie’s ( Lili’s big brother) bedroom and a second living room after the first one in the down stairs. Penelope ran and got into the first room in the hole. Alison and Camilla were after her and they got into the room they first saw. Everybody was running into a room and the by the time they get in they lock the door.

The turn was Lilli’s but Lilli fell. Madeline passed her and went into the living room. Nina tried to help Lilli, unfortunately it was too late. The murderer was in the half of stairs. Lilli finally stood up and ran with Nina. The last room Lilli’s parent’s room was the last hope to survive from this cruel terrifying murderer. Tough titty! the last room was locked.

man on the door terrifying ile ilgili görsel sonucu

The murderer was now looking directly to Lilli and Nina. They were shaking. Lilli and Nina hugged each other. Lilli said to Nina “You are my best friend. I am glad that I am going to die with you.” Lilli hugged Nina and shed tears. The murderer was getting closer to them. Nina and Lilli had no place to hide in this dark hole in this thrill full moment.

“CUT! CUT!” said director. “Not emotional enough. The audience should cry while watching. Even I didn’t even felt the emotion. From the hugging part please.”

best friend hug ile ilgili görsel sonucu

Nina and Lilli hugged stronger and shed tears. The murderer got closer to them. Nina and Lilli had no place to hide in this dark hole in this thrill full moment. They snuggle and closed their eyes. The only way to feel better is to feel the love and secure. They recall their entire lovely and funny moments they had together. They weren’t screaming. They were afraid of death but they had each other. Next thing they did is just hug and feel the moment and wait for the death to take their bodies. Their spirits are going to be connected to each other forever.

The staff behind director was full with tears. They were crying out loud. The scene was as perfect as it had to be. The real emotion was felt from the eyes of actors Nina and Lilli.  The director was fully satisfied.

The black hood ile ilgili görsel sonucu

The scene continued. Nina whispered to Lilli’s ear saying “When you have any time to run leave me and run to down stairs. Call 911 and leave us. I will try to handle after this moment. You were a perfect best friend, leaving me doesn’t means you disservice me. I won’t stop loving you. I just want you to continue your pure life which is full with love of yours. I am sorry I have to do this. Please forgive me.” While Nina was saying these words the murderer was a foot away. He lift his hand with sharp knife which was shining with the moon light. He was going to stab those two girls before Nina stood up and pushed his hand with a knife. He caught Nina and holed her from neck with his other hand. Now Nina’s feet weren’t touching the ground. He threw Nina to wall like a pillow. Lilli got the space and she got over the murderer’s shadow and ran passing him towards the stairs which they used for climbing up to run away from murderer.

The black hood goes after betty ile ilgili görsel sonucu

Lilli went down the stairs with rush and took the land phone which was hang on the wall and ran out of the home of horror. She called the 911 and started explaining. The police’s voice was giving reliance. When Lilli was stopped crying she have just hang up the phone. She looked at her house where she spent her entire childhood.

The director gave the staff a sign and the fans were turn on. It looked like the wind. The director gave another sign to another staff to increase the emotional songs volume.

Lilli looked very confident and eyes with tears turn had an evil light. She ran back towards the house. She knew her dad had a gun for any time. Her dad had put the gun rather than his room, to kitchen. Lilli ran in silence to kitchen and opened a wardrobe and took the gun. She climbed silently to up stairs and saw the murderer was trying to open the door of bathroom. They could hear the sound of Penelope crying. Lilli saw Nina in ground with the scar on her head and some cuts were bleeding.

A murder film scene ile ilgili görsel sonucu

The stuff and make-up artist have done these effects very realistically in a very short time.

A girl with a gun ile ilgili görsel sonucu

Nina’s eyes were closed but she was still breathing. The time Lilli saw Nina felt her best friends being and opened her eyes. She couldn’t speak but she was screaming “ran away” to Lilli with her eyes. They were so good friends that sometimes they don’t need words to explain their selves to each other. Lilli scowl and pointed the gun in her hand to the big muscular man with black mask. Lilli looked back to Nina with a motion in her face meaning “I couldn’t leave you. I am sorry. I have to do this.”


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