The Mystery of Future

Everything happened so fast, I was at the airport when I came to my senses. I realized I didn’t even think for a second before I came here while looking at my small suitcase and bag. It was so unexpected, I wouldn’t believe it if somebody told me I would come here at this hour to run away from the place that I call my home.

I stared at my empty finger which held the most important ring that I’ve received just a couple of hours ago. The thought of taking it off would make my heart crumble if it was before but today, the emptiness made me feel stronger than before and gave me courage to stand back up on my feet and walk towards the plane that was going to the place where I would have my future. 

With every step I took, I thought about the sweet memories and the first day I welcomed my ring on my finger. It was a warm spring day in my memories but now, the image was shuttered with the negative emotions I had. I was angry at him for ruining our lives just for one night of fun and I was sad because he wasn’t even shameful about the fact it was him that ruined our future together. I felt the blood running through my brain after I remembered how he blamed me for all of his mistakes. I shook my head to think of something other than him, I was not going to let him waste any of my minutes anymore.

The plane was very quiet as I sat down at my seat. I couldn’t agree more with other people in my city for not traveling on this very cold autumn day. The seats were mostly empty, only taken by strangers who looked like they had great reasons to be there. After I observed some more passengers that were also trying to see how many people were on the plane, since it was so silent, I opened one of the books I took with me on my journey.

Everything felt very peaceful at that exact moment. I was sitting in a silent plane, waiting for it to take off while reading a book from one of my favorite authors and enjoying the night sky that was smiling at me through the window right next to me. I would always think it would be such a  hard decision to make since it would be a mess to leave everything behind but I was wrong, I felt like I was doing what I have needed for years. 

I couldn’t help but to smile while the doors were closed and an announcement from the pilot was heard by the passengers. I couldn’t stop smiling to myself even after the plane took off and one of the hostesses offered me coffee. Everything felt so right at that moment and I was very thrilled by the excitement the unknown future brought to me. I had no idea what I was going to do at the new country that I was flying at that moment but I knew I was ready for what life brought into my life.

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