The Nightmare

John went to bed early that day. He said to his mom that he was sleepy and feeling tired. After four hours he heard a noise and woke up. He went out of his room and saw an alien. He was shocked and could not believe his eyes. Then the alien  took him to a flying object.



He was hardly breathing and he was scared. There were a lot of aliens in the flying machine. The machine was too big and they were out of the Earth. John tried to escape but he could not. After that, the aliens took him to a room and started examining him. He was shouting and crying at the same time. The aliens were looking scary and they were not listening to him. He was saying:” Let me go, please!”But the aliens were still looking at him directly.

John woke up. It was a nightmare. He got out of the bed and drank a glass of water. He was sweating. Then he went to the toilet to wash his face. He looked at the mirror and from the mirror, he saw an alien. John said:” It turns out that my mind was playing tricks on me.”He washed his face again. He looked at the mirror but the alien was still there. He shouted immediately. The alien came and grabbed him from his mouth. He could not shout any more. His eyes were closing slowly, the alien had a liquid in his hand to faint him. The last thing he saw was his mother.Then his eyes were completely closed. He opened up his eyes a few minutes later. He was at the same flying object again. But he was alone this time.John said:” This is not like my nightmare. There is no one here.”He got up and started to walk. He was looking around but there was nothing in the room. He went to the door and tried to unlock the door but the door was not opening. He tried to calm himself down and tried again, but it did not open again. After a few tries, he went inside the room and sat down.


After five minutes, the door opened. There was a bright light coming from the room. He went there and…

“John wake up you are late again to school.”John’s mom said.

John:” Was that a dream? I can not believe that. Mom, you are not going to believe what I have just seen.

John’s mom:” Tell it later, go have your breakfast.”

John:” Okay mom.”


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