The Nightmare

She didn’t know where he was,it was just dark,he looked around.What was this place, why was it here? She was just reading in her room,did she fall asleep?This place resembled a forest, but she couldn’t see the sky, wherever this place was, she wanted to get out of here as soon as possible,she started running, she didn’t know where she is going, north, south, east or west?She is moving forward without seeing anything.

There is a large building ahead,more precisely, two buildings are connected to each other by a bridge on the upper floor.The lights were on in the building,maybe she could ask the people there for help,she started walking towards it.Scattered here than when she went in he saw,everything is overturned,was damaged,began to circulate in the room,looked from the door of a room,there was a lot of stuff here,scattered clothes and broken glasses,rotting walls,there were a lot of spider webs,remained between enter and fall,and then realized that there was a brightness in the window. She entered the room and looked out the window,what was that,there was a human-like creature walking around with its red eyes, not only did it have red eyes, its body was strange, its legs looked like a human leg, but they were very long, its body was like a skeleton, its face was strange, more precisely, what it assumed is a face, it is covered with eyes, there were too many eyes to count.This creature seemed to be looking for something,and then it turned towards the window where the young girl was looking at and looked at the young girl, and then it started making a strange sound.

A of red eyes appeared through the trees,the young girl began to run as she left the room,decamped up the stairs she ran up the stairs, saw the bridge connecting the two buildings ahead,hesitated, but there were running sounds behind her,she ran across the bridge and reached the other building, it was a big room, there were a lot of microscopes, experiments written on a chalk board, a lot of pictures and tables.She had to be hidden immediately, she found hideout between the wall and the tables and hide there.

After a while, the young girl heard footsteps in the room,held her breath so that the creatures wouldn’t hear her,felt one in behind, the young girl stopped breathing, tears were flowing from her eyes,then she heard the footsteps stop, she held her head out slightly. She came out of hiding,after a while she felt his eyes close,the last thing he saw was red eyes.

The young girl woke up,the sunlight was hitting her face,she looked around,she was in her room,she thought to herself, ‘it turns out that my mind is playing games with me’.She is so happy,how terrible these creatures were,that while she was thinking about them, someone entered his room,there were several other people behind him, and then the following sentences poured out of his mouth: ‘we finally found you’. 

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