The Not So Big Boom

Nowadays we face multiple threats. These can be from the outside and inside, to silence these threats you would calibrate but by some chance they don’t, you switch to a more “efficient solution”. Ones that scare them by killing thousands. People die every day but not in millions in a blink of an eye.
Nuclear power is present in worldwide superpowers like the US and USSR. There is a reason for that it’s deadly, Deadly like the strongest in the world. Atom falling apart creates energy, the energy that can create highly radioactive substance, it lingers. These bombs were used in the 2nd world war but these bombs were uncontrollable, we still see effects of it today.
But there is now a solution for that, smaller bombs of the same type are an option. While not killing millions, we can drop these and it will only be a small area that will be covered by it. Maybe we can use it to make a line to stop incoming attacks. Although it still lingers which is the real problem cuz there is nothing we can do about it. And who knows if the usage of atoms will be counted as war crimes in the future.
Nevertheless, there is still a big problem, since it’s not as powerful, countries will produce more of these and if it is in large numbers it is more likely to be stolen. In the wrong hands, it can be read, hard to deal with since again it lingers and it can spread out possibly doing as much damage as a normal-sized bomb. So it’s easier to steal easier to drop and can still be devastating if dropped on populated places.
I conclusion I thought these small bombs can deal with many without killing many but what can you do sometimes you get too scared of the enemy. But has a lot of problems regarding uncontrollability. I would say it’s a complicated decision. If removed the linger can be used. Then what’s the point of not using normal bombs well you got to figure that by yourself.

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