The Nuclear Power Plants, Are They Our Future?

A nuclear power plant is a thermal power energy station which is generating its heat source from nuclear reactor.  As is typical of thermal power stations, heat is used to generate steam that drives a steam turbine connected to a generator that produces electricity. In earlies of 1950’s Soviet Russia was the biggest power in the world. They have focused on military every year and they have developed it. In the beginning of the Cold War Soviet Russia has opened the first Nuclear Power Plant on June 27,1954 on Obrinsk. And they gave fear to the United States. The world’s first full-scale power station, Calder Hall in the United Kingdom, opened on October 17, 1956. Nuclear plants are very often used for base load since their operations, maintenance, and fuel costs are at the lower end of the spectrum of costs. However, building a nuclear power plant often spans five to ten years, which can accrue to significant financial costs, depending on how the initial investments are financed. So let’s talk about the advantages and disadvantages of Nuclear Power Plants.


Firstly these Nuclear Power Plants has a lot of advantages on the country. For example, firstly it will create job opportunities like the nuclear industry supporting nearly half a million jobs in the United States and contributes an estimated $60 billion to the U.S. gross domestic product each year. U.S. nuclear plants can employ up to 700 workers with salaries that is higher %30 than the local average. They also contribute billions of dollars annually to local economies through federal and state tax revenues and these numbers are really high for a country. These Nuclear Power Plants will decrease the unemployment rate on the country. The economy will grow and get big. The other one is it will support national security which is the most important for a country. A strong civilian nuclear sector is essential to U.S. national security and energy diplomacy. The countries like Russia, France,USA, England, and Turkey must maintain their global leadership in this arena to influence the peaceful use of nuclear technologies. So that is why the Nuclear Power Plant is really important and has advantages on the country.



Nextly the disadvantages of the Nuclear Power Plant is firstly when there is an accident on the surface of the Nuclear Power Plant it will cause a great explosion on near of this Plant. It will create radioactivity and it will spread around the country very fast. We are talking about radioactivity. It is so deathly thing and it will cause a lot of problems for example mutations. Also building a nuclear power plant can be discouraging for stakeholders. Conventional reactor designs are considered multi-billion dollar infrastructure projects. High capital costs, licensing and regulatory approvals, coupled with long lead times and construction delays, have also deterred public interest.


Lastly, in my opinion I think that and support that, countries need to build Nuclear Power Plants because they will decrease the unemployment rate and will make he economy better. They will provide additional income to the government which is really good. So that is why I am supporting the building of Nuclear Power Plants around our country.

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