The Oghuz

The Oghuz country had an inn called Bayındır. Bayındır Han used to have a stallion cut from a horse, a bug from a camel, and a ram from a sheep. A lot of farmland of male-fed commodities
he yelled. He had meals cooked with large cauldrons. He used to pour rice with wide-mouthed pots. He used to spread buttermilk from fatty yoghurts. From fat mares, kumiss were milked. He made cold sherbets. Once a year, he would give a big wedding to the Oghuz lords. After the episode of eating and drinking, Bayındır Han would take his angry bull to Akmeydan with his horny bull, which he had meticulously fed, and had him fight. He watched the fight of the bull and the bull with his lords and had fun.
Bayındır Han gave a wedding again one day. The Khanate had his tent erected in Akmeydan. He had shadows drawn from the savanna in front of him. He had it covered with silk carpets. He had a white otagh set up somewhere, a red otagh somewhere, and a black otagh somewhere. He decorated the white room and the red room beautifully inside and out. It sparkled all over. He didn’t even let a broom hit the inside of the black tent and the outside. He left the whole place covered with rubbish and dust. When the work was finished, he gave orders to his servants: “Welcome the son to the white pavilion, and the daughter to the red pavilion. your mattresses thick throw. Get your food out of the greasy place. Receive my gentlemen by their weight. Bring the one who does not have a son and daughter, and bring him down to the black tent. Put black felt underneath. Put the black sheep stew in front of it. Let him eat. If he doesn’t eat, let him get up and go. God has despised those who have no son and daughter, and we despise them too!” said.
Oghuz beys started to gather one by one. Bayındır Han’s servants welcomed the gentlemen with sons to the white pavilion and those who had daughters to the red pavilion. They made thick mattresses under them. They put double wool pillows on their backs. Gold trays in front of them, oil, honey, cream in silver trays; roasts, kebabs, pilafs; They brought ayrans, kumiss and sherbets. Exactly forty servants gave honor to the gentlemen who had a son and daughter.
It turns out that there was a gentleman named Dirse Han. He has no son. That morning, Dirse Han took his forty valiant men with him and set out early. Little gone, long gone. The creek has gone straight. It was enough for Bayındır Han’s conversation before the mid-morning time came. One of Bayındır Han’s servants greeted Dirse Han in the courtyard. He fell in front of him and lowered him into the black tent.
He threw black felt under it. He had a forty knotty pine log propped against his back. He left black sheep stew in a black bowl in front of him: “This is the order from Bayındır Han, lady!” and stepped aside.
Dirse Han could not make sense of the way he was treated: “Why would Bayındır Han say that out of the blue?” she thought a little. Wasted, not filled. He put it in the hail but did not take it. He turned to Bayındır Han’s servant to learn the truth of the matter: “I was valiant! Bayindir Han they tied. They put a rope around his neck and dragged him behind the horse. They took Kazan Bey’s heavy treasury, lots of money, backgammon horses, and Qatari camels, and the unbelievers left. They arrived in Georgia before dawn. The lord of the infidels came to the presence of Şöklü Melik and said, “We brought whatever Salur Kazan had and brought. We dealt him a heavy blow.” he said, and showed the loot with the captives he took.
Şöklü Melik took a glance at what was brought in: “There is one more evil we will do to Kazan. If we bring the ten thousand sheep of Kazan from Kapılı Derbent, then we will have dealt a good blow. Kazan will never straighten his back!” said. Thereupon, six hundred infidels, wearing a slit at the back of his robe, with dark hair to half his waist, jumped off and galloped out.
Kazan Bey had a shepherd named Karacik. He was so tall that his head was worth the crotch. If he raised his arms like cypress branches, it would be enough for the clouds. He used to knead the stone and iron-like dough with his hands resembling a straw pitcher. Wolves would not enter the flock for fear of the Black Shepherd. Because the diving wolf would not prosper. The head of the thirty shepherds in that area was Karacık Shepherd. He spread and had Kazan Bey’s ten thousand sheep spread with his two brothers named Kiyan Power and Demir Power. At night, he kept it in the corral in Kapılı Derbent and spared no harm.
The day has come, it is evening. The Killing Power and the Iron Power brought the sheep and put them in the corral. Karacik Shepherd prepared the food for his brothers and roasted a lamb for tomorrow. After the three brothers ate their meals, they went to bed. While the two brothers were sleeping soundly, the Black Shepherd was immersed in black dreams. For a moment, he was startled with horror and got out of his bed. To be continued…

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