The Old Friend

*I was roaming the streets pointlessly. It was winter season back then when snow fell lightly. I cannot forget how comforting it was.Falling snow was mesmerizing as a well-done painting. I couldnt take my eyes off the sky at last wheni started to fell the cold ın my bones Ive decided to depart to my home and get myself warm.

I fixed myself a hot beverage and sat on a couch thinking about nothing in particular. Suddenly doorbell rang. I wasnt expecting anyone nevertheless i stood up surely and proceeded to the door. I couldnt believe what I saw when I see opened the door, It was my old friend Dan standing on porch “Hey its been a while hasnt it”. He said as if noting happened I was stunned by the sight before me. Took me around three seconds to snap out of it,I invited him inside Ilived alone so there was no problem letting him in.

I had many questions unanswered,but I endured the urge to ask them for I thought it would be rude to make a barrage of unending questions, so he chatted about recent activities about our lives. He was doing well for himself a stable job at factory and a family and was living in a big city, I got jealous as if he brags me about his life for only thing I had was this house that I inherited from my father, “what brought you here” I asked finally. His face and tone changed almost immediatly, first he asked if it would be okay for him to stay for a while. He was aware of my loneliness so I couldnt turn him down. He claimed that he was in our hometown for important personal business. He did not go down to details so I decided not the continue withlikewise questions. We sat and ate until it was late. I started to feel sleepy, I showed Dan his bed and left for my room. Next morning there was no sign for him. Not hia boots or clothes around it was unsettling how can someone disappear like that. I asked myself then realized that the mirror was broken and I could feel his gaze in staring at my soul.

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