The Outsiders

It all started the day which was my birthday. Because both my mom and dad were dead, I had to celebrate my birtday with my friends and my two little sisters who I had to look after.It was a sunny but cold day in summer. So, we were all at our garden, drinking and having fun. That also was the exact day my life changed.

Near the ending of the party, things started getting off. The weather became colder and a concentrated fog lay down on the city. Strange noises could be heard by nearly everyone around the town. As the last sign, the sky turned pitch dark in a blink of an eye.

We were all shocked, trying to figure out what was going on. Some of my friends was already gone. A silhouette of a short, medium build man appeared above the our roof. The man was floating in thin air without any help from a tool. That was the most terrifying thing an 18 year old could see

Moments later, a few more silhouette started to appear all around the sky. They were speaking in another language which sounded both familiar and peregrine. They were clearly trying to tell us something in pain. All of a sudden, they opened their sun-bright eyes and started to yell. The trees were ascending into the sky, wind was howling as loud as it never did before. Everything was getting more surrelistic as they scream. It felt like as if they were playing with the time and reality. All of my friends covered their ears while begging “ Please stop!” but strangely, itwas calming me rather than disturbing me. I suddenly noticed the demonic mark which was sealed under the town. It was getting bright as the silhouettes continued screaming. Finally the mark got completed and trapped the town in a semi-globe. Then the silhouette which seemed to be their leader did some weird handsigns and crashed the semi-globe barrier onto us. For a moment, it felt like getting crushed by the whole universe.

I woke up in the same palce where I “fainted”. I reached into my pocket and found a piece of paper. It had an address written on it. And there was a note which was attached which said” We found you, you are the chosen one. You are the one who cariries the blood.YOU CARRY THE GOD! All you have to do is to track the address we gave to you and join us, “The outsiders!”. Things were developing so fast. But there was a problem, the addres they gave had no direction written on it. No left, right, up,down, bacward or forward. It only said “To the inside, to explore the outside.” as a clue. Which could only mean one thing: 4th dimension.

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