The Painting Mystery

The smell after the rain never felt this relieving. After the incident it was the first time it has rained. I left the house hoping that I can finally enjoy walking in a rainy day. Erase all I had in my mind of the day of…

It was senior year of high school, so we all were fed up with lessons. I was never the type to complain or procrastinate about school work. I always had the discipline that I needed. My grandparents actually couldn’t believe I was this successful and determined all the time. Indeed they even tried to sent me to a psychiatrist to see if there was any post traumatic effects. I know I certainly didn’t have an easy childhood, but giving up on thing shouldn’t be the way to cope with those obstacles. I stood up no matter what, inorder to make them proud.

Being ambitious about my goals never stopped me from socialising. I had a huge group of friends that were always by my side. We all had ups and downs but in the end we were inseparable. My best friend Anna was actually with me on the accident day. The accident that remained a mystery till now. The case of my parents death. It was murder for sure but nobody found enough evidence to prove it. The only one that survived it was me and I had no certain memory of it. I used to see parts of it in my dreams from time to time but never saw the shooter. Although I was investigated and was sent to many therapy sessions it never seemed to work.

The senior prom was at the door, yet I was not even close to being ready. Girl group has decided to get ready all together but something was bothering me about it. My visions were back again. I didn’t know what made them come back  so sudden but something must have triggered.

Prom day was finally here and I have never been this ready for something in my life. As I reached at my grandparents office door I heard something strange, something that I heard before. They were talking about the day, they seemed to be having a discussion when I opened the door. They look surprised to so me, even tough we were all living together. Then it all came back to me, the scene and the man who did it. The painting on the wall had the same symbol as the shooter that day. It was the thing that triggered the flashbacks again. I had to do something real quick but in a clever way. They starred at me for a while, then they came closely and hugged me.

The accident was not  meant for my parents, it was me all along. When the police deeply dived into the investigation they found out that my grandparents were after the heritage my parents were going to give me. They never approved of my mom so they had to get rid of her genes forever. When the plan didn’t go as expected they decided they would keep me until this year, the year I was actually going to get the family heritage.

I certainly didn’t have the easiest life, but I certainly had an extraordinary one. When I truly look back I have regrets of my past. It made me who I am today and even the woman I will become.


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