Cute chocolate chip cookie vector illustration. Hand drawn sweet cookie graphic. Isolated.

The Perks of Being Insane

I fell asleep in bed after a long day and a night. I had so much work that the hours of the day were not enough for me, 24 hours were not enough for me. I was fighting with my duvet again like every morning. When I’m done with this routine, I’ve tried to go to my kitchen with sore eyes. When I saw what saw my eyes were opened instantly. The cookie that I made just last week and which nearly got spoiled, came to life! I couldn’t believe my eyes, normally I’m a person who easily gets frightened, I’d scream right away, but this time I was so scared that I was speechless, I couldn’t shout. Then I thought that ı must be seeing things because I am too tired or I am still asleep. So I took the milk out of the fridge and pretended nothing had happened. But then he started talking to me and I couldn’t ignore him anymore. I said to myself “My mind must be playing games on me.”  But then he started chatting like I was his friend. The conversation went so deep that we ran out of topics to talk about. We were going to talk about politics and then I stopped myself and made myself realize that I was talking with a freaking cookie! I could not deal with this right now so with hatred I have decided to go to a doctor. I stuffed the cookie back in the fridge before I left. By the way, I was still hungry, but I was afraid to buy anything anymore because I felt like food could talk to me at any moment.

When I saw the doctor, he took a long look at my results and said that I needed treatment because I was sick. My whole world was falling apart, I didn’t know what to do. If I’m sick and there’s a cure, I thought I’d be cured too, and I was right. Then I thought I’d at least enjoy my sickness. After all, I currently have a prescription insane report until treatment. Then I said I’d enjoy my madness, so I went home and started talking to the cookie. He even got involved in politics that night. I had the freest evening of my life. Apparently, for some reason,  I have really enjoyed talking to a cookie, which is not even real, then talking to a person. I did not feel judged and ı felt that ı could talk about anything with it like it would understand me. I do not know, I guess sometimes it is easier to talk with a cookie than to deal with people.

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