The Power of Law

Currently, I think that some crimes are not punished enough around the world and in our country. Even if they get enough punishment, some are not a deterrent to other people. Talking about especially serious crimes, no matter how much punishment you give to someone who has committed a crime, as a result, it is not possible for you to prevent that person because he / she has already committed that crime. Then you might wonder why we should make strict laws, because when you punished people as they deserve you prevent next crimes.


   Making stricter laws makes guilty people think twice about every next crime committed. It helps them realize what is going to happen to them. Of course, there may be those who argue that stricter laws will provoke people and push them to commit more crimes, but I do not agree with this idea. There are likely to be some exceptions, but stricter laws will lower the crime rate and create a more peaceful world than will incite people to crime. 


   Enforcement of stricter laws alone may not always be sufficient to prevent crime. Reflecting a person who committed a serious crime and his punishment to the public causes potential criminals to be intimidated, which prevents them and brings us one step closer to providing that amicable environment we call a peaceful world. 


    We know that not all people’s psychology works the same. Characteristics such as people’s impulses and what provokes them vary from person to person. Those who think that strict laws or more punishment will not work or even lead to a more complex environment may be defending this view based on this. Although it does  differ according to the situation, although it has some justified aspects, it is still necessary to give the criminals the punishment they deserve adequately in order for the justice system to work better and correctly. 


   As a result, I think that the way to stop possible criminals among the public that we do not know at the moment is to increase the penalties and strengthen the rules and laws. Many psychological studies have proven that people can help reduce crime rates by learning from the punishments of other criminals. It is very important not only for others to learn a lesson, but also for people who commit serious crimes to receive the punishment they deserve, because no criminal should get away with what they did. Strong laws, more peaceful people… We can call it the power of law.


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