The Real Kid

Childhood is one of the most important times in a person’s life. As we know, most of the things that happen in childhood and most of the situations that are exposed to affect us quite a lot throughout our lives. Based on this, it is a noticeable fact that children who were thrown into life at an early age and forced to work also have different problems at different points in their lives.

Financial difficulties, ignorance or different reasons can cause people to start working life at a young age, especially to support their families. Of course, it is not always a bad thing to start a business life at an early age. But our perspective on the concept of early age is very important in this regard. Children look much more innocent and harmless from a legal point of view before the age of 16. Not only from a legal point of view, but the age of 16 actually plays an important role in really reaching maturity for most people. Proceeding from this conclusion, we have seen that it is very wrong for children under the age of 16 to be forced to work by their parents, as well as the people who work these children at work are equally wrong. That is why stricter rules can be set for employers in this regard, both to prevent families who leave their children in this obligation, and to ensure that children really live a childish life. In fact, these sanctions, which are already in most countries, should be made more functional. Because, as we can see, if there are these rules somewhere, but we are still talking about this issue, some regulations are needed there.

In a world where all children should live equally and freely and if there is still a child somewhere who has to work as a result of the fact that his parents’ salaries are not enough to get by, it means that we have not made any progress since the beginning of humanity. Every child who grows up outside of his childhood, unfortunately, often becomes an individual harmful to his society when he grows up. And this ring of problems is growing more and more. We must implement the solution of the problems that we know the solution to as soon as possible so that the world is a place where the only problem of children today and in the future is to wait for the time when they will go out to the park with their friends.

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