The Reality of Being a Human 

This story is based on the life story of a person who doesn’t know herself and going to be 45 this year. The main character is a woman who matured at a pretty young age due to many reasons. Like every casual story, this story includes tragedies and the real face of the human mind. I would like to say welcome, to my story. 

I was a young lady who doesn’t know much about life. Days were passing and I was the same person every single day. Both of my parents were successful people with well-paid jobs. To be honest, I was quite careless and prized since I used to have everything that I wanted while I was a child. However, my careless actions were over when I was 10 years old due to a financial crisis in my country.  

After that financial crisis, our life literally has destroyed. I still remember the moment when my parents were counting the small amount of money, just to take care of the meal that we are going to use for weeks. I assume that everyone might guess how this kind of environment can change a child, I’ve become an alien person towards myself. The expectations from my parents and the daily problems were literally choking me. After a while, I’ve turned into a soul that lives just for money and the best way of gaining money was studying for hours and hours with no breaks. It wasn’t a problem for me, not because I like it but because I had a specific aim to achieve at the cost of my life. 

As you can imagine I’ve become a successful person, maybe more than my parents. Even though I have achieved my goal, still a hole was present in the deepest parts of my soul. I wasn’t even able to open a conversation with other people, because every conversation was connected to hobbies of mine. However, I have never had the chance to have hobbies. Nevertheless, people had huge respect towards me every single time that they saw me, it was the moment that I understand the power of the thing that has ruined the lives of my family and mine. In my childhood years, I used to think that respect is something to be proud of, however, being an adult has taught me that people only show respect to those who serve for them.  


The reason why I am telling my life story is not to attract people’s attention and get pity out of it. The purpose of telling my story is that I want everyone to think about my story before judging anyone. I just hope that people will respect each other in the future because everyone who is called as human deserves to see a sign of respect. The only expectation that I have from humanity is not to behave like mentioned in the following words; when you have tones of money in your hands, only person forget who are you is only you. However, when you have no money in your hands, the entire world forgets who you are with the respect that they used to have. 

Adrian Michelle, 


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