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The Reasons Why I Like You

I ask myself why I like you sometimes. Why can’t I move on? Why can’t I find someone else to love? Why do I keep on crying when I see you with someone else? Why can’t I just go my way and leave you alone? Countless questions of why, just wandering around my head.. That lead me to sit down and write. The reasons why I like you:

Your smile, genuine and warm. Not forced like the ones in birthday pictures or the pictures we take in family gatherings. Just a simple, bright smile.. But you don’t know how special that smile can make someone feel.

Your sun-kissed brown curls, bouncy and soft. They look messy like you don’t know what a hairbrush is, but also so silky that it gives me the urge to come up to you and touch your hair.

Your eyes, the deepest shade of brown. Deep enough for me to get lost in when you look my way. You may think they are not special next to blue or green eyes. That’s not true. Even the bluest eyes couldn’t compare to your beautiful coffee colored eyes.

Your voice, not low nor high. The perfect tone for a gentle lullaby. The soft sound of your laughter is enough to take someone’s breath away.

Your scent, not sweet but not bitter. A faint, calming smell in between. It’s quite familiar but I can’t tell what exactly you smell like. It just makes me feel safe. You smell like home..

Your words, always saying the right thing at the right time. If I feel sad, they are comforting. If I feel insecure, they make me feel special..

Just you… Wherever I go, it reminds me of you. I think I know the answer to all these why’s. It’s because of you.

But it hurts. It hurts to know all the things you say are nothing more than a friendly gesture. It hurts to know someone who can make me feel this way has these feelings for someone else. That’s why I need to forget.

I need to forget the pain of hiding behind a smile and acting happy just because you’re happy. I need to forget the tears that wet my cheeks whenever I came home from school. I need to forget all kinds of memories we made together. I need to forget all my feelings and emotions you made me feel. I need to forget you, so that I can move on..

Those were the words written on the crinkly sheet of paper, warm tears wetting it. It fell from his trembling hands to the ground as he ran. Fast like his life depended on it. When he found his way to her, she was sitting on the dusty rooftop, her legs hanging from the railings.

He slowly sat down next to her. “I’m sorry..” The words left his lips as a whisper. She turned to him curiously, eyeing him from head to toe. “Excuse me but.. Who are you?”

Those words felt like a knife to the chest. It was too late. She had already done it. She used her ability. She had forgotten all about him. And all the reasons why she liked him…

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