The Role Of Intellegance In The Path Of Success

Nowadays people generally believe in being more intelligent rather than being successful by working so hard with the mindset integrated into us in the 21st century. Additionally, there are some other people who think that if you work hard you will basically succeed in any case whether you are intelligent or not. Such as Aziz Sancar who is a well-known and successful doctor who found the cure for cancer. So what are your thoughts about intelligence for succeeding or hard-working for absolute success?

To start with, we all know some success stories in the history and in the near past about lots and lots of different topics which actually is quite good for the topic we are discussing because more examples we have more things to determine and examine in our mind which is amazing. About the examples that I am talking about generally, these are the things we witnessed in daily life such as practicing and studying for an exam and getting a good grade as a result, or actually not even opening a book but being naturally intelligent so also getting a high grade. Although to be honest this difference is quite hard for us to understand easily since the grades are the same even though one of the students studied so hard and the other didn’t.

Furthermore other than IQ tests or some kind of other things which are probably not 100% true we couldn’t understand how intelligent we are so even though we worked really hard we couldn’t understand whether we are smart or just because we worked so hard in the first place which is frustrating even while thinking about. Since it doesn’t really matter whether you are intelligent or just worked hard if you succeeded in the end so it is not about working or being intelligent it is about succeeding, to be honest.

To conclude, in my opinion, working or labor or intelligence or whatever you do, people will know that you succeded and you are in your position cause you are succeeded. So whether you are 100% intelligent or worked so hard people are going to believe what they actually want to believe at the end of the day and probably because of what they think you are going to start believing what they believe in. To finish, if you want to succeed just don’t care what people think and just succeed in some way that works for you and believe in yourself in every step that you are taking.


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