The Room

When I woke up at a dark and a dirty room I tried to get up but I couldn’t. I wasn’t feeling any force that’s keeping me from standing up but I just couldn’t. So I tried to think about how I ended up here. That didn’t worked either. It was like someone came and deleted all my memories about this situation. I started to look around, then I saw a light coming through the huge brown door.Again I tried to stand up but this time harder. Then suddenly I heard a noise near my feet. I searched for something but I couldn’t found anything. I didn’t thought about it much and I ran to the door and tried to open it. It was suprisingly very easy to open. I ran all through the dark, long corridor. I never stoped until I found the main door. I didn’t knew anything about this place but wierdly I was acting like I have been living in this place for years. I opend the main door slowly and it creaked so loudly I even wanted to cover my ears with my hands. I ran outside and saw a huge garden with a lot of flowers. I was stunned. I couldn’t belive how a house like these can have such a beautiful garden. It was so neat and clean I wanted to spend hours in there. So I did. I watched the garden for hours. I did nothing but watching. Then I heard a womans voice who’s calling my name. I got scared at first but then I felt the need to follow that coice. I stood up and started walking to the direction of the sound. I couldn’t understand where exectly the sound coming from but still I walked and finally I found the source of the sound. I was at that dark dirty room again. I couldn’t understand what was happening. And the voice spoke again. ”You must be very tired, why don’t you sleep?”. Wierdly I did what the sund said. I lie down to my bad and fall asleep. When I woke up I was at my hospital room. I was scared but relived in the same time. It turnes out that my mind was playing tricks on me.

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